⚠️ Caution! Your personal data related to Adult Portals could be exposed to family, friends, and employers.

Latest News:

Pornhub Is Being Accused of Illegal Data Collection
WIRED, Jun 2023

882.1GB of user data of thousands of adult dating site users leaked globally
HT Tech, Aug 2022

Porn site suffers massive data breach, including credit cards, social security numbers
Fox News, Jan 2020

Adult website exposed personal data of 1.2 million users
CNET, Aug 2019

Suggestion: Activate VPN Connection

Advantages of surfing over a VPN Connection:

Camouflage Location

Your real location based on IP and fingerprints gets hidden in front of visited websites, which also helps to avoid bans

Increase Anonymity

Your internet traffic gets challenged through a VPN's secure server, obscuring your online actions

Prevent Data Leakage

The Internet connection gets encrypted, safeguarding your private information from unauthorized access

Hide from the Internet Providers

Online activities get routed through encrypted tunnels, making it difficult to monitor and track your browsing habits

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a technology that creates a secure and encrypted connection over the internet. It enables users to browse the internet privately, masking their IP address and encrypting their online activities, enhancing security and privacy.

According to Forbes every third web surfer uses a VPN

53% of VPN customers use a Premium version.

"If you're not paying for the product, you are the product" – Marc Andreessen, 2010

Marc Lowell Andreessen is one of the most famous American entrepreneurs, venture capital investor, and the co-founder of Netscape.

What is the Best VPN for me?

Based on your needs

Multiple VPN brands can be recommended to solve the problem:

№2. CyberGhost
CyberGhost ensures private adult content browsing through strong encryption, strict no-logs policy, and optimized servers.

Try CyberGhost VPN
№3. Proton
Proton delivers anonymous and secure access to adult websites, safeguarding user data with advanced encryption and a zero-logs policy.

Try Proton VPN
№4. Mozilla VPN
Mozilla VPN offers a protected and private online environment for exploring adult content, prioritizing user security through its trusted infrastructure.

Try Mozilla VPN
№5. Atlas VPN
Atlas VPN provides a secure gateway to explore adult content online while maintaining user privacy through its advanced encryption and zero-logs policy.

Try Atlas VPN

5 Steps to Activate ClearVPN:

Sign up for a minimum 1-month plan with 30-day money-back guarantee

Value of Your Data. Did you know your personal data price starts at $30 on the black market? As per cyberpolicy.com, that's the average. ClearVPN ensures smart protection for your valuable data

Get Started
You will be offered to download the ClearVPN application

Available for: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android

Log in to activate the licence using your email

You can also retrieve your key via your MacPaw account

Browse various server locations and pick your preferred one

US servers typically provide faster speeds

Click to connect and fortify your data

The risk of your personal data leakage is significantly reduced

Protect Your Privacy

Shielding you from:

1. Exposing your private browsing history to family, friends, and employers
2. Preventing authorities and your Internet service provider from monitoring your online activities
3. Enhancing the security of your personal data